Breaking Records: Kuldeep Yadav Emerges as India's Leading Wicket-Taker in Just Twelve Tests – Times Bull

Kuldeep Yadav has etched his name in the annals of cricket history by becoming the first left-arm wrist spinner from India to claim 50 Test wickets. This remarkable achievement places him at the forefront of Indian bowling prowess, surpassing the feats of his predecessors.

Fastest to Fifty

In the ongoing Test match in Dharamshala, Kuldeep Yadav showcased his exceptional talent by claiming five wickets in the first innings. Notably, he surpassed the previous record held by Akshar Patel and Jasprit Bumrah to become the fastest Indian bowler to reach the milestone of 50 Test wickets in terms of balls bowled, achieving this feat in just 1871 deliveries.


In a display of sheer skill and precision, Kuldeep Yadav left the English batting lineup in tatters with his exceptional bowling prowess. He accounted for the dismissals of key English batsmen, including Ben Duckett, Olly Pope, Zak Crawley, Jonny Bairstow, and Ben Stokes, among others. His ability to deceive the batsmen with variations and spin proved to be instrumental in India’s bowling dominance.

Key Wickets

Kuldeep Yadav’s spell saw him dismantle the English batting order with finesse. From Duckett’s spectacular catch by Shubman Gill to Pope’s stumping by Dhruv Jurel, Kuldeep’s delivery arsenal proved too much for the English batsmen to handle. His precision and control over the ball led to crucial breakthroughs, shifting the momentum of the game in India’s favor.

Spin Bowling

With his exceptional performance, Kuldeep Yadav has not only broken records but also showcased the significance of spin bowling in Test cricket. His ability to extract turn and bounce from the pitch, coupled with his strategic approach, has made him a force to be reckoned with in the international cricketing arena.


Kuldeep Yadav’s ascent to becoming India’s premier wicket-taker in a mere twelve Tests is nothing short of remarkable, reflecting his exceptional talent and unyielding dedication to the sport. With each match, Yadav has showcased his extraordinary skills and unwavering commitment to excellence, establishing himself as a formidable force in international cricket.

His journey to the top has been characterized by relentless hard work and a steadfast focus on honing his craft, earning him widespread acclaim and admiration from fans and peers alike. By consistently delivering stellar performances on the field, Yadav has proven himself to be a true stalwart of the game, leaving an indelible mark on the cricketing landscape.

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