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The fifth Test match between India and England in Dharamsala witnessed an unexpected turn of events when England captain Ben Stokes decided to take matters into his own hands by bowling for the first time in the series. With Rohit Sharma and Shubman Gill dominating the proceedings with their centuries on Day 2, Stokes made a surprising entry into the bowling attack.

Stokes Strikes

As the first session progressed with India’s dominance, Stokes was seen warming up with the ball during the lunch break, hinting at his intention to bowl. Shortly after lunch, Stokes delivered his first over of the match and stunned everyone by clean-bowling Rohit Sharma on the very first ball.


The moment when Stokes successfully dislodged Rohit Sharma’s stumps left the Indian opener in a state of disbelief. Prior to this delivery, Rohit had been confidently negotiating the other England seamers. The sudden turn of events took Rohit by surprise, as he had been anticipating a continuation of his solid performance against the bowlers. However, Stokes’ remarkable delivery shattered his expectations and left him stunned.

Yet, Rohit was not the only one taken aback by Stokes’ bowling prowess. His unexpected success with the ball also shocked Stokes’ teammates and coaching staff from the England camp.

The sight of their all-rounder achieving such a significant breakthrough against a formidable opponent like Rohit Sharma was beyond their expectations. It served as a testament to Stokes’ multifaceted talent and his ability to deliver impactful performances in crucial moments of the game.

Rare Occurrence

It’s worth noting that Stokes hadn’t bowled for England since June 2023, making his sudden impact even more surprising for both teams. The sight of seasoned bowlers like Mark Wood and James Anderson coming to terms with Stokes’ success added to the astonishment on the field.

Changing Dynamics

Following Rohit’s dismissal, England’s fortunes took a dramatic turn as James Anderson also claimed the wicket of Shubman Gill in a similar fashion. Despite their efforts to contain the Indian batsmen in the first session, England’s tactics underwent a significant shift after the break, with Stokes’ unexpected bowling stint altering the dynamics of the game.


Ben Stokes’ unexpected bowling performance in the fifth Test against India not only caught the Indian batsmen off guard but also left the England camp astonished. His ability to make an impact with the ball after a prolonged absence from bowling added an intriguing twist to the match, highlighting the unpredictable nature of cricket.

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