Sanju Samson Reveals Secrets to Aggressive Batting and Captaincy Tactics for IPL 2024 – Times Bull

In the high-octane world of IPL cricket, captains often hold the key to their team’s success. Sanju Samson, the captain of Rajasthan Royals since IPL 2021, has been making waves with his leadership skills and aggressive batting style. As the cricketing extravaganza gears up for IPL 2024, Samson opens up about his journey with the franchise and his approach to leadership.

Journey of Leadership

Since taking over the reins of Rajasthan Royals, Sanju Samson has led the team to new heights. It was under his leadership that the Royals reached the finals of IPL 2022, showcasing his ability to inspire and lead from the front.

Reflecting on his appointment as captain, Samson recalls the pivotal moment when he was approached by the team’s management in Dubai. His confidence in his abilities and familiarity with the franchise made the decision to lead the team an easy one.

Aggression Batting

Beyond his leadership role, Sanju Samson is known for his aggressive batting style and penchant for power-hitting. In preparation for IPL 2024, Samson reveals a shift in his mindset towards batting. He emphasizes the need to stand out in a highly competitive environment, particularly for players from states like Kerala.

Samson’s desire to carve out his own niche in cricket is evident as he expresses his determination to be different and make an impact with every stroke of the bat. This change in mentality has led him to adopt a more aggressive approach, where he seeks to dominate from the very first ball, aiming for power strokes and boundary-hitting right from the outset.

Looking Ahead

With the upcoming season of IPL on the horizon, Rajasthan Royals fans eagerly anticipate seeing Sanju Samson in action once again. The team’s first match against Lucknow Super Giants on March 24 promises to be an exciting showdown. Under Samson’s leadership, the Royals will strive to replicate their past successes and vie for the coveted IPL title.


Sanju Samson’s revelations about his batting approach and captaincy tactics offer insight into the mindset of a dynamic leader and a fiercely competitive player. As IPL 2024 unfolds, all eyes will be on Samson as he looks to make his mark with his aggressive batting and astute captaincy.

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