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In a dramatic turn of events during the Dharamsala Test, England found themselves plummeting from 173/3 to a dismal 175/6 in their first innings. What’s more, they not only lost three crucial wickets in just thirteen balls but also squandered all three of their DRS (Decision Review System) appeals. This misfortune didn’t go unnoticed, especially not by the Australian media, who wasted no time in poking fun at England’s predicament.

The Ashes

When we think of England and Australia, it’s hard not to conjure images of the fiercely competitive Ashes battles on the cricket field. However, it seems the rivalry extends far beyond the pitch, spilling over into the realms of media banter. Even when these two teams aren’t facing off on the cricket field, their respective media outlets are quick to engage in playful trolling.

Dharamsala Disaster

The fateful day was Thursday, March 7, when England won the toss in Dharamsala and opted to bat first. With a solid start, reaching 175/3, hopes were high for a substantial score. Yet, fate had other plans. A sudden collapse ensued, and England found themselves reeling at 218 all out. The irony was stark as Jonny Bairstow, Joe Root, and Ben Stokes all departed at the same score, compounding England’s woes.


Adding insult to injury, England’s batsmen also managed to botch their DRS reviews. This blunder didn’t escape the notice of Fox Sports Australia, who gleefully capitalized on England’s misfortune. Their reaction article wasted no time in poking fun at Ben Stokes, insinuating his disdain for the DRS system. Bairstow’s misstep with DRS was highlighted, followed by Root and Stokes’ ill-fated LBW reviews.

Twitter Reactions

The cricketing community, including notable journalists like Will McPherson of The Telegraph, couldn’t help but comment on England’s dismal performance. With three consecutive losses in India preceding the Dharamsala Test, England’s tour has been marred by disappointment. Despite winning the series opener in Hyderabad, India has dominated subsequent matches, leaving England eager to salvage some pride in the final test.


As the Ashes rivalry spills over into the media landscape, England’s cricketing woes provide ample fodder for Australian amusement. The Dharamsala Test served as a stark reminder of the fine margins between success and failure in the sport. As England seeks redemption, they’ll need to regroup and reassess their strategies to avoid further humiliation on the cricketing stage.

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